Dr. Roth and Dr. Little standing together

The Tisdale Dental Group first opened in the summer of 1976. Since this time, we have been a proud and supporting partner of our community.

Over the years we have supported health facilities, recreation facilities, schools and individual clubs and organizations and now the new Health Complex in Tisdale. As of March, 2014, we moved to our new facility. This commitment will ensure that the long term provision of dental services continues in Tisdale and north east Saskatchewan.

The Tisdale Dental Group is currently comprised of three practicing dentists. Dr Greg Little joined the practice in 2012, Dr Dustin Roth joined the summer of 2016, and Dr Stacy Harasymuk recently joined in the summer of 2018. All three dentists graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, Dental College, and have lived their entire lives in Saskatchewan.

We proudly provide full comprehensive dental care for all patients including regular office and emergency office visits. In additon to general dental services, we also provide implant restoratives, full orthodontics and hospital dental services under general anesthesia.

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